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Art Preparation Guidelines

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Hand Holding Color Swatches

Lithographic Label Files:

  • Digital art may be supplied as Illustrator, InDesign and/or Photoshop files. PDF's are acceptable in some cases. No low-resolution jpegs, please.
  • Photographic images should be high-resolution (300 dpi) images at full size.
  • Please outline text whenever possible, or provide all fonts needed.
  • Critical text/artwork should be a minimum of 1/4" away from the dieline edge and/or scores.
  • Minimum bleed is 3/8" out from the dieline. NOTE: If we supply a dieline with label trim included, please bleed the art to the label trim area (green lines on dieline).
APSTAR HG2 - 4 Color Rotary Die Cutter
4C Print ScreenDOTS.jpg

Flexographic Files:

  • Digital line art should preferably be vector-based (i.e., Adobe illustrator) images. Photoshop line art should be 600 dpi minimum.
  • Photographic image resolution should be at least 150 dpi at full size.
  • Touching colors will be trapped (overlapped by about 3/32") to allow for press movement during printing.
  • Text size minimum is 8 points, if possible.
  • Line weight minimum is 1 point.
  • Critical text/artwork should be a minimum of 3/8' away from the dieline edge and/or scores.
  • Minimum bleed is 3/8" out from the dieline.
HP detail 1_1.jpg

Digital Printing

Please contact us for how to lay out files for digital printing. They will vary by project depending on how it will be cut.

Current Applications/Version:

Our Macintosh-based graphics department utilizes the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign).

Please supply the following:
  • Complete, workable CMYK files; preferably in their native file format.
  • A PDF preview of the artwork (if sending artwork electronically) or a color printout (if sending artwork by mail.)
  • All supporting files: Line files and fonts.
  • Appropriate Pantone or GCMI spot colors (if applicable) - indicate coated or uncoated for Pantone. If you need a specific custom color, please provide a sample for color matching.
  • Name of company, project and contact person for any questions related to the project.


If you would like a quote for a new project, please submit the your request to

Any questions? Contact your sales representative at:
Phone: 651-227-8261
Fax: 651-227-6861
Submitting Files
Dielines or Templates:

Dielines are necessary to assure the proper size and placement of art. Your sales representative can obtain one for you in your preferred format (i.e. PDF, eps, etc.).

File Transfers:

If you're using "FTP" site talk to your sales representative about obtaining a username and password before attempting to use the site. If using your FTP site, please provide your site address, login ID and password.

Email Art Files:

(If your file is 10mb or smaller)

For a smoother transfer, compress (zip) your files before sending. Larger files can also be sent to us at via WeTransfer, Dropbox or other internet-based file transfer sites.

Sending Files:

Attention Graphic Design

Tilsner Carton Company
162 York Ave. E.
St. Paul, MN 55117

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