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long view close up of ibis_edited.jpg

New ISOWA Ibis 3000

Check out our new ISOWA Ibis 3000!  It makes complete boxes in one pass!  4 Color Flexo Printing, Score, Slot, Die Cut, Fold and Glue!  It is capable of manufacturing 15,000 boxes an hour. 

IZZY, The Robot

We are proud to announce that Tilsner Carton Company has implemented a new robot! It has been named "IZZY" in honor of our company's founder Isadore Tilsner.  IZZY optimizes safety and efficiency.  It's six axes of motion enable board flipping and it can keep up with our Martin Mini's speed of up to 26,000 boxes per hour. See IZZY in action to the left. This is part of our ongoing efforts to streamline operations and implement Lean ideas.

apstar empty loader 2 - lighting enhanced.jpg

New 4 Color Flexo Rotary Die Cutter

Check out our new APSTAR HG2 4 Color Rotary Die Cutter.  It has an average set up time of 15 minutes and has a maximum print area of 63" x 124 7/8".  It can process 12,000 blanks per hour .  Check out the video on our facility overview page.

We've Added A
Viking Turbo 606 Pallet Nailer

It can produce 2,000 pallets per shift.  Check out the video on our facility overview page.

Viking - Turbo 606 Pallet Nailer.jpg
Automatan A+ Running.jpg
Automatan A+ Running_edited.jpg

We've Added An
Automatan A+ Laminator

To keep up with increased volume, we have invested in a new laminator. This doubles our capacity for laminating jobs.

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