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Facility Overview

We have 248,000 square feet that is designed for efficiency and speed. Our modern facility features conveyors connecting all equipment to a unitizer and fork truck stations.

Our production area has an in-house ink kitchen and equipment for:
  • Printing - Digital and Flexo
  • Laminating Litho Labels
  • Die cutting
  • Gluing - Inline, Specialty, General & Hand
  • Taping
  • Stitching
  • Assembled Partitions
  • Wax Curtain Coating

HP Industrial Press - Digital Printing

Print directly onto corrugated eliminating the expense of printing plates. Ideal for regional promotions and short-runs!

Our HP Scitex Industrial Press has 8 colors. In addition to CMYK colors it has light black for neutral grays and orange for more Pantone® coverage and skin tones.

A gloss or semi-gloss look can be obtained. The inks are UV-curable pigmented ink that offers flexibility on scored areas. The resolution is 600 dpi.

HP detail 2_1-smallest.jpg
long view close up of ibis.jpg

Complete Boxes In One Pass!

ISOWA Ibis 3000 - 4 Color Flexo, Score, Slot, Die Cut, Fold, Glue

Max Sheet Size 47 3/16" x 119 7/8"

Rotary Die Cutters

APSTAR HG2 1632 - 4 Color Flexo, Rotary Die Cutter - Max Sheet Size 63" x 124 7/8"

United - 2 Color Flexo, Rotary Die Cutter - Max Sheet Size 62" x 106"

Flexo - Lg Format - APSTAR United.jpg
Martin Mini.jpg

Martin Mini 2 Color Flexo, Inline Die Cutter, Folder, Gluer - Minimum Box Size of 4" x 4" x 4"

Additional Capabilities

ISOWA - 2 Color Printer Slotter - 50" x 107.5"

S&S - 2 Color Flexo Folder Gluer - 38" x 94"

Ward - 2 Color Printer Slotter - 66" x 170"

Gopfert SRE - 393 5/8" x 98 3/8"

Flexo - Additional Capabilities.jpg
(Bobst) - Flat Bed Die Cutter.jpg

Flatbed Die Cutter

Bobst Flatbed Die Cutter - Max Sheet  43 5/16” x 63”

Litho Label Lamination

Additional Capabilities

Automatan A+ Laminator - Max Sheet 81" x 121"

Stock Labeler - Max Sheet 64" x 100"

Automatan Inspection - small.tif
J&N Gluer detail 2 - small.tif


Inline, Specialty, General & Hand

J&L Speciality Folder Gluer - 130" x 210"

General Gluer Hot Melt - Two Machines

Ink Kitchen

Our in-house ink kitchen allows us to blend the colors we need, when we need them.

Our computerized inventory allows us to track what we have. It also recommends how we can blend our inventory to best utilize what we have.

Ink Kitchen and tank.jpg
Waxer 21.JPG


Ashdee Model #215 CHM

Applies a "curtain" of liquid molden surface wax onto uncoated corrugated.  Our wax is compliant with Federal regulations 21 CFR-176.170 and 21 CFR-176.180 for use in contact with food.  Note: Waxed board is not recyclable.

Finishing Equipment

Iton Heavy Duty Stitcher

General Taper

General Gluers - Two Machines

Finishing Equipment.jpg

Supporting Equipment



We recycle 100% of our scrap with the baler. This adds up to 225,000 pounds of material being recycled per month.

bailer 2.jpg
Shredder 21.jpg

Pallet Manufacturing Equipment

3 new trucks at dock.jpg


22 Loading Docks

Fleet of 55 Trailers

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